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    • 13 AUG 16
    • 8

    Sunshine Walks By Cecelia Travick-Jackson

    Caregiving is hard work, but places like Oxnard Family Circle make the job of caregiving a bit more manageable. My husband has been diagnosed with late onset Alzheimer’s disease. He remains quite independent, but needs to be monitored. He forgets things, gets confused, gets frustrated and sometimes says inappropriate things. Just as my husband’s world is shrinking and changing,Read more →
    • 22 APR 16
    • 5
    In preparation for Advocacy Forum

    In preparation for Advocacy Forum

    Inna Berger of Oxnard Family Circle, a passionate advocate and supporter of the fight against Alzheimer's, visited the district office of the Congresswoman Julia Brownly  along with Monica Schrader and Teresa Valko from the Alzheimer's Association in preparation for upcoming Advocacy Forum in Washington D.C. first week of April.Read more →
    • 26 MAY 15
    • 2
    The Veterans Picnic on the Water

    The Veterans Picnic on the Water

    What could be better than nice weather, the fresh air, good friends and a picnic right at the Channel Islands Visitor’s Center? Yesterday our Veterans took a break from all the goings on at Oxnard Family Circle in order to enjoy time with fellow comrades, the beautiful scenery on the water, as well as “some

    Read more →
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