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    What Is An Adult Day Program (ADP)?

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    What is an Adult Day Program (ADP)?

    An Adult Day Program (ADP) is a facility licensed by the California Department of Social Services  Community Care Licensing Division (DSS-CCLD) to provide non-medical  care to elderly persons and other adults with physical and/or cognitive  impairments who require personal care services, protective supervision or  assistance in activities of daily living on less than a 24-hour basis.

    Services are provided according to an individual plan of  care in a structured, comprehensive program that offers therapeutic activities  tailored to the individual’s abilities; nutrition services; basic health  monitoring; transportation corrdination; and respite and support for families.  ADP centers are not reimbursed by Medi-Cal.

    What is the difference between CBAS and ADHC?

    Community-Based Adult Services (CBAS) is designed to provide “ADHC-like  services” to current ADHC beneficiaries who are at risk for being  institutionalized.

    • CBAS will provide services roughly equivalent to those currently offered at  ADHC centers, and funded at the same rate, for patients who qualify. Eligibility  is based on medical need for those who are at risk for institutionalization.
    • CBAS will provide enhanced case management in an integrated managed care  setting for those who are not in imminent danger of institutionalization. All  patients who want to receive these benefits — whether it’s CBAS-eligible  patients or the ones who receive more intensive case management service —  will need to enroll in a managed care plan.

    The three basic types of senior care include:

    • Socialization and safety centers:

    – Oxnard Family Circle ADHC encourages social interaction through group settings, group games such as karaoke and bingo and exciting events such as guest performers. Our center promotes safety by providing assistance with feeding, showering, toileting, and grooming.

    • Medical, therapy and socialization centers

    – At Oxnard Family Circle we have registered nurses available at all times for medication distribution, monitoring of blood sugar levels, and monitoring of physical and emotional help. Physical therapy, occupational therapy, and massage therapy are all offered at our center. Other services include podiatry, dietary consulting, and personal counseling.

    • Alzheimer’s and dementia care centers

    Oxnard Family Circle is the only Adult Day Health Care Center that has a separate Memory Care Unit. We provide unique care for Alzheimer’s and dementia individuals, including activities that help strengthen the memory and a safe and secure environment.

    Oxnard Family Circle Adult Day Health Care Center is licensed in both ADHC and ADP, and we also provide CBAS for participants with Medi-Cal. Our goal is to provide the best care possible for your loved one and make them feel at home during their days at Oxnard Family Circle.

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